Monday, February 23, 2009

Hands up for Trustworthiness

Way to go Johnny!


We are so proud of Johnny for getting the award for TRUSTWORTHINESS, I can't think of a better award I would want him to get. He really is such a good sweet boy, who for the most part always tells the truth even if he knows he is going to get in trouble. I hope he always keeps this up. This award is kind of a big deal. Johnny got to put his hand print and his name on one of the pillars at school right in the front entrance so all can see. Johnny and another classmate were the only ones in his class to receive the award. Way to go Johnny! We are so pleased with you.

Love Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday # 5

George's 5th Birthday

Happy Brithday to a great boy!

George had a great birthday this year starting with a sleepover with his favorite boy Sotir. They woke up to his favorite cereal Lucky Charms then they went outside to ride the fourwheeler for a bit. After the fourwheeler fun wore off we decided to take the boys over to Chuck E. Cheese for a dose of fun, SARS and hepatitis C. CEC is a great place where you really get a bang for your buck, spending $30 on tokens to win a fiddy cent prize hardly seems worth the trouble but the boys love it and that is why we are here, to make sure our children are happy. After a sanitizing rinse we headed over to Noodles and Co to eat dinner with the Markoffs (Jen and Nick), Markoffs (Matt and Kolette) the Bonds (Rob and Jill) and the Martinis (Eric and Anjie). We all came back to our studio apartment for strawberry shortcake, that is what George picked for his birthday cake, he just loves the stuff. George got some really cool presents and he especially loves his new art set that Aunt Jen got him. (referenced in the above picture). To close the day out we all took our kids swimming over to the Germantown indoor pool. All in all it was a great day and George was so excited to get calls from all his family out west. Happy Birthday buddy.... Love Mom and Dad...
FYI....Johnny can't wait to get calls on his birthday.