Monday, July 5, 2010


Johnny's 8th birthday is today and I honestly do not know where the time has gone! Kelley and I still talk about his birth and how it only seems like yesterday that we were commenting on how big his hands were when he came out those 8 years ago. Little did we know that the size of his hands were no match for his large caring heart. Our little guy is the most fun loving care free kid we know and we could not have asked for a better kid to lead the family. He is trustworthy, very helpful (our gopher for about everything), caring and just down right a nice kid. Greg Carver keeps telling us to get him into football but I don't think he has in him the ability to potentially hurt another kid (unless the other kid lays a hand on Mitchell then watch out). He is to sweet of a kid and just wants to play with his brothers or Mitchell. We are so excited for him to get baptized with his cousin Mitchell in a few short weeks. Thank you Johnny for being such a tremendous son and brother to your family. We love you so much and are so thankful you are a part of our lives. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad