Thursday, December 6, 2007

The first snow

Yesterday was the first snow we had this season, and the boys could hardy wait to get out in it. We dug through our winter stuff and actually found enough to keep us warm. We went over to this big hill and the boys had a lot of fun going down, but it was a bit rough getting them back up. They slept really good last night. Johnny and his cousin Mitchell went down the hill standing up on the sleds and I have to say they did really good. I think their ready to try snowboarding. They had no fear and they even had some hard crashes.(especially Mitchell) They got back up and kept going. We had a good snowball fight, which isn't really fair since John can hit about anything he aims at.(it doesn't matter if you're 5 feet or 35 feet away) It was a fun time which made it very hard to get the boys to pack up and leave. Attempting to build something





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Wicked Awesome New York

I LOVE NEW YORK! All the girls
Me, Niki, Jill, Jennifer, Chris, Natalie

Right after Wicked, which was the BEST!

New York at a Glance
I just had the best time in New York with 5 awesome ladies. We stayed in the Burkdorf hotel which was very nice and on the far outskirts of time square, much to Natalies chagrin. Let me just say that Natalie you are the BEST, and Matt also. This was a magical trip for me and long over due. We started out on the Vamoose bus which is the best way to get to New York form here. It was only 25 bucks and it only took 4 hours, and those pass fast when your talking with friends. Then we hopped into a cab with our driver Napoleon who ripped us off and got his thrills out of trying see how close he could come to almost hitting people.

We checked in to the wonderful hotel and then headed off to shop on canal street where I got suckered into buying a bit of perfume and a purse. I just have a hard time saying no. Then we went back to the hotel after some grub and got into our flannel pj's and socks that Natalie surprised everyone with. We all crashed hard and didn't wake up till 9 which was nice for a change. Today we took an awesome bus tour of New York and had a really good tour guide that was smitten with my sister-in-law Jennifer. He kept taking pictures with his really big camera. It would be really fun to see them, especially since he is a fashion photographer. This is one thing I love about New York everyone does more than one thing. By the end of our touring we were freezing. We hopped off the bus and went to see Wicked which was so so good. I can't wait to see it again. The actors were amazing. Then we went to the highly recommended Ellen's diner, from the bus guide. I am so glad we listened because it was so much stinking fun. I recommend this as a must to anyone going to NY. The waiters and waitresses sing and dance. They are all trying to make it on Broadway so they are really good and really entertaining. We stayed there till they closed at one, and where practically the last ones out. This really fun waiter at the end even dedicated and sang a song just for us girls, but I think Jill enjoyed it the best. I think she has a wild streak in her, and if she had any alcohol in her she would have jumped up there and started dancing and singing. This was my favorite day on our trip. The rest was great also. We saw lot of neat window displays that just blew me away with the neat little details. We went to top of the rock which had a good view of NY and was fun to see at night. We stopped by the Rockefeller Christmas tree to see it all lit up. We saw Mary Poppins (cute). We had good food and lots more fun. I was in the best of company and had the best of times. I LOVE NEW YORK!
Till next time.

Entertainment Straight from New York

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Johnny's invention

Johnny is very into inventing and building things. He worked really hard making this contraption. He found all the different pieces of wood and did all the hammering by himself. Then him and George brought it in to paint, and add the finishing touches. It was a lovely present they gave me when they were done. (aren't they sweet) Johnny acts tough and is strong but he is the biggest sweetheart. He is the one who will make sure to give me a hug if I am sad or hurt, and he is the first to cry and miss me when I am gone.(maybe the only one to miss me) He really thinks of others and has a fun personality. You never know what he is going to say. I just love him. Not sure what it does, but it sure is pretty.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The boys emblems

The Boys Quilts
Here is a picture of some of the fabric.
It's cuter in person.
Okay, so here is my next big project which I am in way over my head, but I had to try because I know the boys will like them. (better) I am working on three superhero quilts which may or may not be done for Christmas. I saw the cutest fabric that was on George's friend Sotirs quilt. George wanted it so bad that I looked everywhere for fabric but the one I loved was no where. Then this lovely lady Cyndi who made Sotirs quilt had some extra and shared. (bless her soul) I have gathered a bunch of cute fabrics, now I just have to figure out how they go together. That is hopefully where my very very talented sister Corrie who can tackle anything will come into play. I am just showing a little of the fabric and these emblems I made to go in the center on each of the boys quilts. We tell superhero stories all the time to the boys, and Johnny is always superman. George is always Spider man, and Jame he gets to be batman because he doesn't have much say. Anyways they always are saving the world or someone in danger, hopefully they will love their superhero quilts. Let's hope I can later put a picture of the fished quilts on here. Wish me luck.

Picture of the emblems I made for the quilts.
Also cuter in person.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First Day of Soccer

First official Day of organized sports.

The coach is really great with these boys. He gets them in order quick and they listen and follow his instructions. I wonder what his secret is. It is so cute to watch them and they absolutely love it. It is hard to believe the first time we had to practically spank them and did a lot of threatening to get them there. Now they can't hardly wait till the next week. Whew.

Just Leaf us Turkeys Alone

Well, my boys did not get their fill of the fall leaves, and asked if we could go on another walk and collect more leaves. They said "mom what else can we make with our leaves?" SO this is the best I could come up with. Turkey anyone? We collected the pine cones on our walk as well because I was brain storming what else I could do. I wasn't sure how these were going to come together but I think they turned out pretty cute. The boys really liked doing them. Again George was very particular about what he wanted and his looks different from the rest. I really like his. He picked out all the leaves that were different. Below are some pictures, their are a lot but they all wanted to show of their feathers, I mean leaves. Happy Thanksgining! Gobble Gobble. This has been a winter bazare entry. To see more winter bazar posts visit scribbit.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


John took the boys swimming at the indoor pool last week, a trip they all love. Usually it is just John, Johnny and George who go but recently James through mental telepathy knows where we are going and finds a way to snake his way in. He really loves to go and gets excited when we get there. Johnny is a good swimmer and loves to wear his goggles the entire time. John has talked him into jumping off the diving board. He is a little hesitant at first but finally gathers the courage to take the plunge. The pictures are of him standing next to the monstrous other diving boards and two of him actually jumping. The 2nd picture was supposed to be a cannon ball. The indoor swim center has four different slides and the boys (even James) love to go down them. If George had one wish he would be able to go down the dark tunnel one everytime. Someday when you all come visit we will make the trip.


James is now 20 months, and he has ALWAYS LOVED shoes. All day he walks around in either Kelley's, George's or Johnny's but never in Daddy's as they are just to big for his little feet. Most of all he likes his own, especially his blue vans, even though they are a size to big. Once they are on, they are on! (witnessed in the pictures below) He slept the entire night with them on and even tonight he has trumped the two pictures and is sleeping with both on his feet. We will be sure to sneak in this evening and provide evidence. We thought Johnny was bad with the twirling and the thumb sucking but James is in a realm of his own. If we put the shoes away he goes on a hunt to locate any shoe that will remotely fit his feet. Currently, we are down two whole pair of shoes because James has trapsed off with them. Often there is only one being worn cause the other is MIA. Johnny and I really think it is cute for now but our daily ritual of finding a lost shoe is getting old. It makes leaving the house somewhat of a chore. So for Christmas this year James wants shoes.

Fall placemats


Yesterday, we took our annual Fall walk. The boys and I go every year and gather up their favorite leaves, and make placemats. We pick all different colors, sizes and shapes and glue them on to construction paper. This year we did not have a huge variety of shapes but the boys loved it anyway. Big John even went on the walk this time. George was especially into it. He glued all of his on and helped with James' and his Dads. He was really particular about his, and he had the perfect spot for all of them. I would suggest one and he would look at me and say "no Mom that does not fit there." Sure enough it wouldn't then he would look around at the leaves and pick the one that would. He even wrote his name and my name on the placemats with no help. He is pretty clever and has good penmanship for a 3 year old. He didn't leave the table till the placemats were finished. Then we all went to Staples and got them laminated which I might say was a lot easier then contact paper (used that in the past). It was getting late and we had not had dinner so we ate at Chipotle. George had to bring his placemat so he could eat on it. It was pretty cute, he really likes it and did a good job. Below you will see our beautiful family art project. Our November Fall placemats! Ta da! James blue

Johnny's Green
Dad white

George Black

Mom's Brown

All of them together.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Halloweeen 2006

He was ment for this even at age 4.

Dad and his little 6 month old lady bug.

Johnny as the Incredible Hulk. This is what he wants to be when he grows up. He is very into being strong, and flexing his muscles. We try and bribe him into eating veggies by telling him it will make his muscles grow.
George as a Skeleton. He was a bit scared when he looked at himself. 2 1/2 years old.

Happy Halloweeen 2007

Johnny's preschool class after their Halloween parade.
Johnny 5 years old as a Vampire in the Day.

John and his puppy.
After trick or treating out at the haunted forest.
Everyone looking a bit hammered.

Group picture of friends and Family.
James as a Dalmation, 1 half years old.
George 3 and half years old as Optimus Prime. -can't figure out how to turn it.
Johnny as a vampire at night. Sitting next to him, his pirate cousin Mitchell and witch cousin Camille and the beautiful cousin witch in front is Natalie.