Thursday, December 6, 2007

The first snow

Yesterday was the first snow we had this season, and the boys could hardy wait to get out in it. We dug through our winter stuff and actually found enough to keep us warm. We went over to this big hill and the boys had a lot of fun going down, but it was a bit rough getting them back up. They slept really good last night. Johnny and his cousin Mitchell went down the hill standing up on the sleds and I have to say they did really good. I think their ready to try snowboarding. They had no fear and they even had some hard crashes.(especially Mitchell) They got back up and kept going. We had a good snowball fight, which isn't really fair since John can hit about anything he aims at.(it doesn't matter if you're 5 feet or 35 feet away) It was a fun time which made it very hard to get the boys to pack up and leave. Attempting to build something





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Wicked Awesome New York

I LOVE NEW YORK! All the girls
Me, Niki, Jill, Jennifer, Chris, Natalie

Right after Wicked, which was the BEST!

New York at a Glance
I just had the best time in New York with 5 awesome ladies. We stayed in the Burkdorf hotel which was very nice and on the far outskirts of time square, much to Natalies chagrin. Let me just say that Natalie you are the BEST, and Matt also. This was a magical trip for me and long over due. We started out on the Vamoose bus which is the best way to get to New York form here. It was only 25 bucks and it only took 4 hours, and those pass fast when your talking with friends. Then we hopped into a cab with our driver Napoleon who ripped us off and got his thrills out of trying see how close he could come to almost hitting people.

We checked in to the wonderful hotel and then headed off to shop on canal street where I got suckered into buying a bit of perfume and a purse. I just have a hard time saying no. Then we went back to the hotel after some grub and got into our flannel pj's and socks that Natalie surprised everyone with. We all crashed hard and didn't wake up till 9 which was nice for a change. Today we took an awesome bus tour of New York and had a really good tour guide that was smitten with my sister-in-law Jennifer. He kept taking pictures with his really big camera. It would be really fun to see them, especially since he is a fashion photographer. This is one thing I love about New York everyone does more than one thing. By the end of our touring we were freezing. We hopped off the bus and went to see Wicked which was so so good. I can't wait to see it again. The actors were amazing. Then we went to the highly recommended Ellen's diner, from the bus guide. I am so glad we listened because it was so much stinking fun. I recommend this as a must to anyone going to NY. The waiters and waitresses sing and dance. They are all trying to make it on Broadway so they are really good and really entertaining. We stayed there till they closed at one, and where practically the last ones out. This really fun waiter at the end even dedicated and sang a song just for us girls, but I think Jill enjoyed it the best. I think she has a wild streak in her, and if she had any alcohol in her she would have jumped up there and started dancing and singing. This was my favorite day on our trip. The rest was great also. We saw lot of neat window displays that just blew me away with the neat little details. We went to top of the rock which had a good view of NY and was fun to see at night. We stopped by the Rockefeller Christmas tree to see it all lit up. We saw Mary Poppins (cute). We had good food and lots more fun. I was in the best of company and had the best of times. I LOVE NEW YORK!
Till next time.

Entertainment Straight from New York

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Johnny's invention

Johnny is very into inventing and building things. He worked really hard making this contraption. He found all the different pieces of wood and did all the hammering by himself. Then him and George brought it in to paint, and add the finishing touches. It was a lovely present they gave me when they were done. (aren't they sweet) Johnny acts tough and is strong but he is the biggest sweetheart. He is the one who will make sure to give me a hug if I am sad or hurt, and he is the first to cry and miss me when I am gone.(maybe the only one to miss me) He really thinks of others and has a fun personality. You never know what he is going to say. I just love him. Not sure what it does, but it sure is pretty.