Sunday, October 21, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best DAD and HUSBAND! You are the BEST! We LOVE YOU so much. Thanks for all you do.

Playing at the Beach

They were all working really hard to make a huge hole and they did but the picture won't load.
"I'm DONE"
James looks happy but he was actually crying

"Wahoo" So cute and so dirty.

Wow, it finally worked. I have been trying to load these pictures of the last trip to the beach this season. For some reason the kids were very amused by this hill and pipe. They spent a long time jumping off. "Hmmm can you tell which kids are mine and which are Jennifers."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sister-in laws

Here is a picture of two of the four beautiful sister-in laws that I have. Jill on the left, me center and Jennifer on the right. These two live in Maryland with me and are lifesavers in many many ways. They are great friends and mentors. They also are great at decorating. It runs in all the Millers blood.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Things that make me HAPPY

I was just thinking of things that make me happy and thought I would list a few so that when I need to remember they are already written down. I tend to have a wealth of knowledge in my head,(I like to think) but for some reason poor access. I call my syndrome NO Re-call-y. If anyone would like to add or let me know what makes them happy I would absolutely love it. Okay no real order just what comes when.

My list
Snickers ice cream bars-just had one go figure why that is 1st
Salads from Nordstrom Cafe ***the best***
PF Changs spicy chicken with peanuts
Chips and salsa or Guacamole
Okay pretty much FOOD
Taking naps or when kids are taking naps
My bedtime
warm clothes right out of the dryer
kisses from my boys
fresh sheets on my bed
When I finish a hard workout
Big hug from John
A good book! -does anyone know one by the way I am looking?
Hearing people laugh really really hard-you know what I'm talking about
Did I mention FOOD
running fast
seeing the leaves change colors
the first snow
The smell of the house when you turn the heat on for the first time of the season-weird I know
sleeping in-can't really remember what that was like but I know it made me happy
A good relief society lesson
No debt-I know that would definitely make me happy an feel good
Birthdays-not so much now, especially since I am turning 30 soon and their is no going back
Girls night out
Any night out with John
When everyone is healthy-it's been awhile at our house
Babies-everything about them except crying, poop, and spit-up (but especially their breath)

This without fail makes me laugh

Little Johnny had a few:
Getting stronger muscles
playing with friends
money, I love to hold it---Ooh I should add that to my list except change it to spending money
New stuff
picking up turtles, frogs but not toads, ewe
"I think fishing would, mom can we go"
Getting a beat down from Dad--aka-wrestling
Giving Mom hugs and kisses-(so sweet he is)
inventions-"Mom do you have any metal"?

George's list
Opening presents (go figure)
drawing pictures
shredding paper
when he goes off the diving board
horseback riding
when Dad gets home from work (I second that)
Halloween, costumes, candy & friends
When Mom reads books to me (aah)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here goes nothing

Let's see if my lesson on blogging from my sister Corrie works.

Well I have a new respect for all those blogger moms at home who have figured out how the heck to do this stuff. Corrie gave me crash course in blogging 101. I am impressed that she can walk a completely computer illiterate through starting a blog. Hopefully we can have a few more sessions and I can get this thing looking right. I have been delaying learning because I was looking for a bubble template for my background, and Corrie came to the rescue so I guess I am out of excuses. Or wait I could use the fact that I have know idea what I am doing. I did manage to add my sister-in-laws Jessica and Jayne's links to their blogs, to mine all by my big self. (So proud)

I have to say I am using this as a way to keep a journal of our family and what is going on with us Millers in Maryland. So it may not be pretty or cute, but at least I won't feel so guilty for not keeping a journal. This is one thing I can hopefully if I keep this up, check off my very very long list of things I need to be doing. Please if read don't critique the writing, spelling, or overall correctness of what is being said. English was never a strength of mine, and I tend to think a thousand times faster than I type. Did I mention I can type about 17WPM with about only 5-6 errrors. You think I am kidding but I have practiced and taken several typing tests and that is what I have been at since my 3rd grade computer class. It's no wonder my teacher did not much like me. I did get smarter in High school though, I found a cute boy to type my tests for me. Needless to say I got a good grade but for some reason my speed never actually improved to 50WPM. I guess it didn't transfer. So what I am trying to say is, for anyone who has even gotten this far is, please bear with me, and be very forgiving.