Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Perfect Day!

A Great Day of Thanksgiving!

Mary and the chief

Miller Family

Bond family
(Best dressed)

Markoff family

The whole gang
Good food, fun and family

We all gathered at the cottage for dinner and it was decorated so beautifully. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice. The food was delicious and the decorations were amazing. The mood was wonderful and the company even better. We all had beautiful pictures and quotes at each of our place settings. We took turns going around the room reading our great quotes from past presidents and leaders of our country. Then we went around again saying what we are grateful for. Let me just say again "I am so grateful for Natalie and her hard work making this an unforgettable Thanksgiving and all the Markoffs for including us in this magical day. To end off the day we went back to Natalie's and had yummy pies of every kind. She gave each family the most precious book of pictures from the Thanksgiving before with a poem/story that went along with each page. It was the perfect day, and Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday.

Talent show
Piano, jokes, skits, singing, poetry, dancing, and accordion playing.

This year was the adults turn to put on a talent show. It was a much dreaded event by some, especially me, but it turned out to be really fun. In third place was the singing duo Jennifer and Alex, in second place the cheerleaders "perfect cheer and dance" by me and Johnny. First place was taken by the most talented chief playing the accordion. There was a good mix of talents and it was fun to have the kids participate by scoring the event.

Archery, walnut toss, horse races, and the best tricks on a horse

Little Nicholas Markoff won the $20 prize by hitting the smallest turkey pumpkin smack dab in the middle of the heart. Natalie Markoff came in with the second best shot and a $5 prize. The Indians overall did better in the archery. The Pilgrims won the walnut toss. The Indians won the horse race due to the Pilgrims getting a slow horse and Nick getting bucked off (OUCH!!) The Pilgrims came back to even the score by winning the best tricks on a horse.

Pilgrims and Indians

Richard Nixon
37th President, 1969-1974

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Activities

Throughout most Mormon families Sundays consist of or a variation of:

First - Waking up hoping it's not fast Sunday

Second - Getting ready for church.

Third - Walk into church and enjoy an hour and 10 minutes of babysitting if you have a toddler that does not like to sit and color or draw with his big brothers. Today at Stake Conference they were all simply amazing. We actually heard every talk.

Fourth - Drive home wishing there was something good to eat at the house for lunch (if its not fast sunday). Today it was eggs and toast.

Fifth - Since church was over at noon we forced our kids into a nap when we got home with the bribe that they could do this!!!!!

It was a mighty fine 2 hour nap!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ode to George

A real enlightening experienced happened today with little George that I thought would be very fair for him to get his own post. I love this little boy so much and he is 85% of the time a real cute boy and fun to be around. The other 15% consists of mood swings and loud outbursts at Kelley and myself for not being on time to his beckoning demands. We really enjoy having him around and he is very helpful to Kel during the day when it is just him and James. I think when Johnny leaves for school George steps in and takes the oldest role and does what he can to help out Mom.

Anyways on to my experience today. Kelley and I woke up this morning with the understanding that I was going to drive George and Johnny to school on my way to the office but because I was asked by a friend to take his sister to the airport I ended up not going in. At that point I had an upset wife on my hands... NOT GOOD!!! :) Kelley ended up taking the boys to school with James in tow as I stayed back to work. Luckily it turned out that today was George's parent teacher conference which both Kel and I forgot about (by the way that is wives role in the household, that and doctor visits). Kelley called me on her way home to tell me that she had forgotten the conference and she was glad she drove today. I asked how the conference went because mentally i revert back to that 15% I mentioned earlier not knowing how George is outside the home and outside of our care. George's teacher LOVES George! She said that he is the most kind, caring and helpful student she has. He is always the first to pick up messes, finish his work before play time and is always looking out for others. That is just the tip of the iceburg and you may not think this is that great but as his Dad it made me feel good. The other day another student was having trouble putting on his jacket and my little George all 4 1/2 years of him stopped what he was doing and went over to help that student put on his jacket. I do not know to many little kids that would even have that type of knowledge to go and help someone struggling with a jacket. Kudos to you George! You are a great little boy and i love you dearly. Keep up the good work and know that your Mom and I love you so much.

On a funny note: George's dinner prayer tonight. Bless us that we will like our new cups and bless us that we will not shoot ourselves.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Napoleon Dynamite

Count Dracula
He made the perfect Dracula, and got a lot of compliments during his class parade.

If you ask James who gets the bad guys, he will say "BATMAN"

"Vote for Pedro "
Johnny got a lot of laughs and stares during the school parade.

Other ghouls and freaks on Halloween night.