Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is the view I had this morning looking out my window. Do you see what is missing. Well if you guessed our cars you would be right. John took out the trash this morning and came back up to the room and said "The cars are gone." "What!!!" I said. Then I went to the window and surprise they were gone. At first I was thinking what day is it, April fools, NOPE. This was unfortunately no joke. We went to bed with cars parked in front of the house and we woke up with none. Couldn't they at least have left us one car? It stinks when any ones car gets broken into, it really stinks when someones car gets stolen, but it is down right awful when both your cars get broken into and stolen. Note to self don't leave wallet, cash, or valuables in the car. I have learned a valuable lesson, or should I say expensive. Hopefully, they will turn up and with not to much damage. The heart breaker was when we told the boys and little J said "I guess we can ride our bikes." Sorry honey your bike was in the car. That was one sad boy. It was a really good bike. So for anyone out their be CAREFUL.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Valentines Day to Me.

This was my great suprise on Valentines from my cute husband. Talk about a shocker. I could hardly believe it. My jaw dropped wide open. I thought it was beautiful, but it was the very last thing I expected. I think I asked, "Is it real?" Mostly because I have had a beautiful ring for the past eight years but have not worn it much because it had some diamonds on the inside that poked through. I must have gained weight in my fingers,(who knows) but I would get indents on my fingers when I took it off. I hated not having a ring so I ordered myself some fake rings that I could rotate depending on my mood. I guess he had had enough of the fake rings. So he surprised me with a brand spanking new ring with a eternity band to go with it. I have always loved those and wanted one. He totally surprised me with these two cute kissing dogs, with the ring inside the heart. I feel like I just got engaged because I keep looking at it and watching it sparkle. What a wonderful husband I have, and what a good job he did (so proud). The reason I am posting this in March is because I just got it tonight after having to be sized two times. I am so excited to wear it and love my husband so very much. What a thoughtful sweet guy I got hitched to.

Aahhh, so sweet.

The picture does not do it justice. I had know idea it was hard to take a picture of diamonds. Maybe they are just to sparkly. This is the only one I could get somewhat in focus. If anyone has any tricks or know how, I would love to know.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I love Spider Man!

Some highlights

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

George had a very spidey day.

It was so fun to see George and all his friends dressed up as superheros. To celebrate the big 4th birthday we did all the traditional games. Duck duck spider man, pin the web on the bad guy, spider man pinata, a web fight with string cans, and a good book to keep them entertained while waiting for the pizza. He had so much fun opening his presents. He is really good at receiving gifts. Everyone he opened he would say, "Oh I LOVE this." "I've always wanted this, THANKS." Or, "Awesome this is GREAT!" It was so cute. I am glad however that we only do a big friend party every other year (phew). George is getting so big and so smart. He is fun to hang out with. He is quite the artist, and is good at writing his name and others. He gives lots a hugs and kisses, and is my little snuggle bug. I hope he doesn't grow up to fast, and I sure love him.