Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday My Big Handsome 6 Year Old!
This is one yummy ice cream cake, and is now going to be the new cake I do for birthdays.
The Skull and bones is themed for the pirate party he is going to have with his cousin Mitchell.

Little Green Frog

George is my bug lover. He also is great at catching frogs and fish with his bare hands. Johnny tried holding the frog but just can't manage the slimy feel. James didn't seem intrested in holding it at all. George doesn't seen to be afraid of bugs or little creatures and I hope it stays that way.
(It tickles)
This was the cutest frog I have seen in real life. It was bright green, and just so cute.
(Wish I had an up close picture)


Getting dressed for play.

Don't I make a cute Raindrop?

Art project week 2. Owlets books about camp.

Painting back sacks.

James with his counselor Becca.

Archery, Look at that form.

Camper of the Day!
These two survived the canoe trip, much to their chagrin.

Hot mommas waiting for their canoe.
I don't really think I am ment to be a tree .

The Great horn play.

Elf performance

Snowy performance

The beautiful canoe trip.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is anyone HOT?

No we did not just shower, we played outside for five minutes.
Got to love the humidity and the gnats.