Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here goes nothing

Let's see if my lesson on blogging from my sister Corrie works.

Well I have a new respect for all those blogger moms at home who have figured out how the heck to do this stuff. Corrie gave me crash course in blogging 101. I am impressed that she can walk a completely computer illiterate through starting a blog. Hopefully we can have a few more sessions and I can get this thing looking right. I have been delaying learning because I was looking for a bubble template for my background, and Corrie came to the rescue so I guess I am out of excuses. Or wait I could use the fact that I have know idea what I am doing. I did manage to add my sister-in-laws Jessica and Jayne's links to their blogs, to mine all by my big self. (So proud)

I have to say I am using this as a way to keep a journal of our family and what is going on with us Millers in Maryland. So it may not be pretty or cute, but at least I won't feel so guilty for not keeping a journal. This is one thing I can hopefully if I keep this up, check off my very very long list of things I need to be doing. Please if read don't critique the writing, spelling, or overall correctness of what is being said. English was never a strength of mine, and I tend to think a thousand times faster than I type. Did I mention I can type about 17WPM with about only 5-6 errrors. You think I am kidding but I have practiced and taken several typing tests and that is what I have been at since my 3rd grade computer class. It's no wonder my teacher did not much like me. I did get smarter in High school though, I found a cute boy to type my tests for me. Needless to say I got a good grade but for some reason my speed never actually improved to 50WPM. I guess it didn't transfer. So what I am trying to say is, for anyone who has even gotten this far is, please bear with me, and be very forgiving.


Adria said...

It worked! :)

Corrie said...

Way to go Kell!

You're a good student, I'm thinking I need to have you figure out a color scheme for Ty's blog. I'm no good at the color thing.

Terri said...

Love that you were willing to learn how to do more with your blog--now I get to see more of those cute-ok- handsome boys. I really miss them and all their energy. Love the bubbles that you found! I will evenually get your's and Johnny's b-day presents in the mail. Love you tons. You could make your blog really funny by relating all the crazy things that happen in you life, Mom