Monday, July 5, 2010


Johnny's 8th birthday is today and I honestly do not know where the time has gone! Kelley and I still talk about his birth and how it only seems like yesterday that we were commenting on how big his hands were when he came out those 8 years ago. Little did we know that the size of his hands were no match for his large caring heart. Our little guy is the most fun loving care free kid we know and we could not have asked for a better kid to lead the family. He is trustworthy, very helpful (our gopher for about everything), caring and just down right a nice kid. Greg Carver keeps telling us to get him into football but I don't think he has in him the ability to potentially hurt another kid (unless the other kid lays a hand on Mitchell then watch out). He is to sweet of a kid and just wants to play with his brothers or Mitchell. We are so excited for him to get baptized with his cousin Mitchell in a few short weeks. Thank you Johnny for being such a tremendous son and brother to your family. We love you so much and are so thankful you are a part of our lives. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad


Jayne Layne said...

That was a tear jerker! I love you Johnny! I have loved you since the day you were born. You are such a nice and funny boy and such a great example to your brothers and cousins! I am proud of you and am excited to see you get baptized.


Lov, Aunt Jayne

JENNIFRO said...

u r such a funny/kind/energetic kid
u are getting so BIG. sad that u r as tall as me

happy b-day little man


Jek said...

Dear JOHNNIE!! Happy birthday!! How in the world can you already be 8??? YOu were such a cute baby. I remember it like it was yesterday! I am so proud of you! I ALWAYS KNOW that you are always willing to help me with whatever I ask! I really appreciate you looking out for the boys and alexis! I know that i could trust you to babysit for me! ONE DAY, okay??? THanks for being such a great example to ALL the little boys!!
I love you birthday boy!

aunt jek

jill said...

I LOVE Johnny!!! He IS such a nice, kind hearted little thing! I'm so grateful that he's in our family... I love when he gives me hugs and I love to watch him with Caroline and Elizabeth, he's always nice to them and he protects them when other kids aren't being so nice. Everyone has a friend in Johnny! Happy Birthday Johnny!! I'm so proud that you're going to be baptized!

Love, Aunt Jill

VEGAS VIC said...

Hi Johnny, you are everything your parents said you are in the blog. Nice, caring, and just a downright good kid. Grandpa and I love to talk with you on the phone,and see whenever we get the chance. We are so happy that you will soon be baptized. WE are for sure coming out to be there with you.
Hope you had just a wonderful birthday and we hope that your whole 8th year is a happy one. Love you,
Grandpa and Grandma Miller

Terri said...

WOW! One big happy 8th birthday wish to Johnny. What a great grandson you are!! It is hard to believe that you have gotten to the BIG 8 already.
Keep looking for the mail to bring the Birthday Boy just a little more of a birthday wish. We love that you are such a fine young -- young man and choosing to get baptized! Take Care! I love you, Grandma Tree

Grandma B said...

Little John,

You are one of the greatest of my more than 88 great grandchildren. I am so happy that on this very special birthday you have made a choice to get baptized soon. Listen carefully to the Holy Spirit that you will always be able to have with you after that. Love you and am anxious to see you when you come again. Your Grandma B

Stacy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Johnny we wish you the best birthday ever, it's great to be 8! We loved seeing you in California and wish we lived closer. We are soo excited for you to get baptized. You are growing up so quickly and are such a good example to James, George, Jocelyn and our little Matt. Much love, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris, Keaton, Andrew and Matthew.

Bubbly said...

WOW!!!!! I remember when I turned 8, it was so exciting!You are getting so old happy 8th b-day!!!
Love, Cali Watkins

Mrs. Organic said...

Happy Birthday Johnny! I can't believe you are so old already and getting baptized!

And you look great behind that boat. Cali and jess both tried to leave comments today, but it wouldn't work. They wanted me to say Happy Birthday from them and they love you!

Mitch said...

I chose not to read that for the sole reason that i've been really emotional lately. Thanks anyway though!

I always tell my friends what an awesome nephew you are and how funny you are. I love ya bud. Hope you had a great birthday. Keep being a great brother and cousin. You da bomb johnny!

Jenni wishes you a happy birthday too bud. And she said she misses you and loves having you as her new nephew.

JENNIFRO said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best nephew and cousin that anyone could ask for! I remember when Johnny was just a little blond baby playing in his diaper in the 13904 backyard with Mitchell. You guys loved to dig in the sandbox and pee-pee really high and far across the yard! It has been so wonderful living around you and watching you grow up. You have always been such a sweet and kind boy especially when it comes to Mitchell. He loves you so much and says you are his best friend in the whole, wide universe. Thank you for being such a good cousin to all the grandkids--they really look up to you and know that you will help them and watch out for them no matter what. It's a big year for you--getting baptized! That's awesome. I hope you continue to be happy, make good choices, and love life. We are all so glad that you are part of our family and want you to know how much we all love you over at the Markoff house. XOXO

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

Happy Birthday! What a good oldest brother you are:) Love ya!

Kenna said...

time really does fly. what a great kid That last pic reminds me of his mother.

wackywilsons said...

So you are still alive...

I really liked the wake boarding picture, what talent!