Friday, October 29, 2010

"Thank you, My Talented Sister"

Okay, so I went a little over board with pictures, but I couldn't help myself she looked so darling in this outfit. I don't think I have ever heard so many oohs and ahhhs over a little girl before. Everywhere she went today people commented on how darling she looked and on the cutest outfit they have seen. I hate to brag but I feel I must, and it's not so bad because I didn't make the outfit my amazing sister did, so really I am bragging for her which is ok? right?

Just look how cute this pink knitted dress and hat are. If you look close you can see the owl pattern in the dress and the two buttons are the eyes. SO CUTE, I just love it, and want to say thank you very much to my very sweet and talented older sister. I only wish I had half her talent. Below you will find several pictures of my sweet little girl in this cute dress as well as another cute dress my sister made. I love them both, as well as all the comments when she wears them. There is nothing like something homemade. I think of my wonderful sister every time she wears them which is a double bonus. THANK YOU!

The pictures don't really do them justice, but they will have to do.

Funny face I couldn't resist

Tickled pink

Me and my favorite "DAD"

A little warmer outside so no tights or jacket

Watermelon pink-so cute

Dress without the jacket


Mrs. Organic said...

She is so absolutely cute! And her eyes are stunning. It's a pleasure to make things for you, I love how you brag for me. And I couldn't ask for a more appreciative audience. Love you!

DC Stake YW Presidency said...

I think those pictures are every bit as cute as you do. Great Job on the dress sister. But Kelley you can take credit for the darling girl wearing it.


Jek said...

OH MY HECKKLE!!! That is amazing! She is sooo adorable I can't stand it!! TOTAL TALENT!!! is she taking orders????

Mary Thurman said...

Kelley-your baby is SO adorable! And that dress is too! Love it. Can't wait to see you!

kira said...

I love the outfits Kelley. So cute. You have the most adorable little gal to dress up ;)

Bubbly said...

I love her, she is so adorable!!!!!:D
I aspect more pictures!
Cali W.

JENNIFRO said...

She is OUTTA CONTROL CUTE!! I love that little darling. YEs... true on that outfit. I couldn't believe how baby hip and amazing! That Corrie is one talented chick!

Jayne Layne said...

I don't think I saw her wearing that! Man it is DARLING! NO FAIR! She is stinking cute regardless, and both of those outfits make her even sweeter! You deserve to brag!

Terri said...

Golly--I can't stand that your little girl is growing up without me getting to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She looks just like the boys with the hat on -- but the shots with her hair showing make me know she is her own woman. She is just so grownup--no more crawling baby girl. The dress suits her perfectly and aren't you lucky to have such a generous and talented sister. Not to leave out all the other extremely talented girls (you included) in the family.

Natalie said...

She is adorable Kelley B!