Monday, September 7, 2009

OBX 2009

Oh won't you take me here?

Best under water shot! She looks like a beautiful little mermaid.

My second favorite underwater shot.

Random shots of everyone. (some more than others)

It's no wonder we look forward to this week all year long. I am already counting down till next time. If only it was longer than a week. The kids have so much fun and get lots of bonding in with cousins as well as the adults. It's hard to believe we are back to reality and back to school. I will forever be a fan of SUMMER.


Mrs. Organic said...

Every one of those pictures is so stinkin' cute! Can't wait to see you all (especially the baby)

Wendi said...

I love that top picture. How do you take those underwater shots? Your collages are always so fun to look at. :)

Mitch said...

Those are some sweet pictures. Good work on using iphoto. You've done some cool little things with it. I want to go back!

JENNIFRO said...

Man I cannot believe how good all the pics look in the collage. That took some time. Just going through them made me sad all over again. Freakin school!

Loved this so much.

JENNIFRO said...


I want the collages too. John burn me a cd yesterday.

You have some great ones.

Also, you are insane if you don't use one of your family shots for a Christmas card. Just sayin.

Terri said...

Have to agree the pics are truly the best. I loved being able to enlarge them and get a good look at all the beautiful people! How come we aren't invited to have the summer fun with the Miller family--guess not being a Miller has its price. James is just as cute in person as he is in those pictures. Love Grandma Tree

wackywilsons said...

Perfect family pictures...great smiles, colors, water, have it all!

You guys have not missed a beat all summer long!

I also LOVE that feminine, sweet and precious.

Mike and Kenna Bartholomew said...

Your all models, I am so jealous I wish I could be there.

elshmobelsh said...

What a fun family retreat!!!! Hope you guys are doing well. Miss ya! How is Sem going for ya? ;) Loves from TX!

Kenna said...

Hey you I think you should update yours is almost as old as mine. :) i'm working on some we will see who is faster. Love your guts.